About Us & Drum Lessons

www.ecymbals.co.uk was first registered in 2002 by Julian Marsden (founder of www.drumteachers.co.uk).

The idea behind ecymbals was simple: "To ecommerce acoustic cymbals with traditional old fashioned retail ethics not normally associated with websites". I have been specialising in Paiste products since before 1998 but things took off in November 1998 as we started off as a Paiste Gold Dealer and have never looked back. 

Please ring Julian for an informal no obligation chat to check your cymbal, gong, stick, case or drum choice. Ecymbals offer the following services: Cymbal/Drum/Gong Sales (New/2nd Hand/Discontinued & Vintage), Drum Repairs, Expert Tuning Service and Drum Lessons in Liverpool.

Ecymbals specialises in Paiste Cymbals/Sounds & Gongs. Please visit www.paiste.com to hear sound samples and find out more about all the Paiste products. Ecymbals offers all Paiste products, please email via the contact button if you can not find the Paiste product you require.

As the first website in the UK dedicated to Paiste cymbals, Ecymbals soon became the website for all things Paiste. Ecymbals now specialise in offering advice/sales and shipping of all Paiste products world wide with customers ordering regularly from USA/Europe/UK and occasionally Brazil.

Through repeated visits to meet with the Paiste team @ the Frankfurt Musik Messe each year and trips to the Paiste Factories in Schacht Audorf Germany & Nottwil Switzerland as well as attending other Paiste Retailers and Vintage Drum Fairs, Julian (the guy who usually answers the phone) has built up a great knowledge of Paiste Cymbals, Sounds & Gongs both new/2nd hand and vintage. Julian first became a dealer for Paiste in 1998 and he was a regular at the local post office as orders were sent in writing to Rita in Schact Audorf. How times have changed now.

Team ecymbals have hundreds of contacts and can usually source any drum related product through our extensive portfolio of business cards.

Julian is also the Head Drum Teacher and General Manager @ ADC Drums www.adcdrums.co.uk Julian's studio is supported by Paiste Cymbals and both Julian and his students can regularly learn more about drum kit playing and listen to the great sound of Paiste.

If you require advice about learning to play drums please do not hesitate to phone 0151 220 7152 or email julian@drumteachers.co.uk. Popular topics include: Beginners, Theory, All Styles, Technique, Double Bass Drum, Double Pedal, Matched & Traditional Grip, Playing With Click Tracks, Playing Open Handed, Left Hand Lead, Multiple Hi-Hat Set Ups and "Disco Football".

Also please visit our new www.drumteachers.co.uk site if you are looking for a drum teacher in your area. We also need your website for our links page, if you would like to be added to our links page please email julian@drumteachers.co.uk.

New for 2024 Online only Drum Theory. I now offer Drum Theory Lessons via Facetime Audio or WhatsApp. If you want to improve your Drum Theory and have any pieces your find hard to understand or just need to improve your Theory such as time signatures, note values and anything else related to Drum Theory then I'm the guy to contact. 1st Lesson = £10.00 for 30 minutes.

We provided Drum Lessons in
the Liverpool area.

£25.00 Per 30 Minute Lesson (5-9 Years Old)
£45.00 Per 60 Minute Lesson (10 + Over)

Will teach beginners, left handed students
and also offer mobile lessons.

Specialist Areas:

Double Bass Drums/Double Pedal (Heel Down)
Drum Kit Rudiments
Drum Kit Theory Expert
Drum Lessons for Beginners
Exercises Prepared For All Lessons with Sibelius
Notation Software
Left Hand Lead
Linear Drumming
Moeller Technique
Odd Time Signature Specialist
Open Handed Playing Specialist
Playing to Click Tracks
Rock School Drumkit Grades 1 – 8
Trinity Drumkit Grades 1 - 8
*Teaching Since March 1991*

Each beginner is given exercises at the end of the
lesson which have been professionally produced
to the highest standard. They are much clearer than
books due to the larger font size making it easier for
the student to understand theory and to increase the
potential to read drum kit notation.
Once a student understands theory and reading
it is easier for them to pass grades, learn rudiments
and play song parts more accurately.

Please email julian@drumteachers.co.uk for more

A la Ecymbals, nous souhaitons la bienvenue à
tous les batteurs de France (nous pouvons même parler
un peu français pour vous).


Please email julian@ecymbals.co.uk for more
information about Drum Lessons. 
For more UK Drum Teachers please check out
our www.drumteachers.co.uk website.