Chalklin Gong & Tam Tam Mallets

Chalklin Mallets. Great Mallets for Paiste Gongs. Free Delivery on these Mallets. 

What size to buy?

Here are some guidelines for choosing the correct size of Chalklin Mallets.
For Paiste Tuned Gongs between 6" - 36" try Chalklin TG1. (TG1 is also popular with experienced gong players who require a smaller mallet that can be used on all sizes)
Another popular all round mallet is the WG2. Although this is designed for Paiste Sound Plates it can also be used on all sizes of Paiste Gongs for players who prefer a smaller mallet.

To achieve the fullest sounding note from your Paiste Gong please choose as follows:

For Paiste Gongs between 20" - 22" try Chalklin GM1.
For Paiste Gongs between 24" - 26" try Chalklin GM2.
For Paiste Gongs between 28" - 30" try Chalklin GM3.

Please note that GM Mallets have Wooden Handles.
However if you are using Paiste Gongs for Healing or Sound Massage then is it not desirable to play the gong at it's full potential so this is why most gong players use a selection of Mallets as a smaller mallet is easier to play multiple strokes around the surface of the gong. Also if you have two Paiste Gongs it is easier to play them both together with smaller mallets (less exercise for the arms).

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Chalklin GM1 Small Gong Mallet (Wooden Handle). For Paiste Gongs between 20" - 22" try Chalklin GM1. Weight = 249 Grammes.

Chalklin GM2 Medium Gong Mallet (Wooden Handle). For Paiste Gongs between 24" - 28" try Chalklin GM2. Weight = 305 Grammes.

Chalklin GM3 Large Gong Mallet (Wooden Handle). For Paiste Gongs between 28" - 32" try Chalklin GM3. Weight = 390 Grammes.

Chalklin TG1 Tuned Gong Mallet (Nylon Handle). For Paiste Tuned Gongs but also popular for playing the profile edge of the rest of the Paiste range of...

Chalklin WG2 Wind Gong or Sound Plate Mallet (Metal Handle). For Paiste Sounds Plates but also popular on large Paiste Gongs for special sound effects....