Paiste Sound Creation Gongs

We offer Paiste Sound Creation Gongs with three
different appearances:
1, With Tai Loi Logo
2, Blank No Logo

3, With Paiste Logo
Paiste SCG Sound: Unfathomable and dark, with swelling highs Character: Mysterious, knowing, kind, unfathomable Each Sound Creation Gong has its own extraordinary and particular sound character. Their impressive, charismatic sound embodies a wealth of exemplary emotional sensations and feelings. Due to their varied sound colors and voices, these instruments also offer a wide range of harmonics and frequencies.
All Sound Creation Gongs live up to their name. The sound is literally created in a bespoke fashion by highly skilled artisans. This process takes time to ensure the best possible result.
Please be aware that the appearance of Sound Creation Gongs can differ from the photos shown.

We used to have some very rare Paiste Sound Creation Gongs as below. (Sadly all are now sold.)
Paiste 20" Sound Creation SCG No.2 Fire Gong, Good Condition ~ £1499.99 SOLD
Paiste 22" Sound Creation SCG No.7 Fight, Konfrontation, War Gong, Very Good Condition ~ £1499.99 SOLD
Paiste 24" Sound Creation SCG No.4 Water Gong, Very Good Condition ~ £2199.99 SOLD
Paiste 24" Sound Creation SCG No.6 Moon Gong, Very Good Condition ~ £2299.99 SOLD

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