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  • Ahead Armor Drum Case Set including AR4010 10/9 Tom Case + AR4012 12/10 Tom Case + AR4013 13/11 Tom Case + AR2016 16/16 Floor Tom Case + AR1822 22/18 Bass Drum Case, Only Used 3 Times, Excellent Condition £179.99 
  • Paiste Official John Bonham Poster, Used Once, Excellent Condition ~ £19.99
  • Premier Drums Information Pack from Frankfurt Musik Messe 2003. Contains 50 pages detailing all of the drum kits that Premier offered in 2003 including the Premier Series. Each page details codes, specs, colours, shell construction and lost of other details.

Other items in this booklet include: Marching, Hobilt Bass & Tenor Drums, Timpani and Tuned Instruments. Good Condition ~ £29.99
  • Polytone Taurus Bass Combo ~ POA
  • Premier APK Snare Stand Thumb Screw (The one that tightens the height adjustment) Excellent Condition ~ £3.99
  • Professional Snare Drum Flight Case (Ex Noble & Cooley), Fully Lined, Professional, Very Heavy, Would Suit 14x5 Snare, Excellent Condition ~ £99.99
  • Sonor M6 Wing Screw, Used Once, Perfect Condition ~ £2.99
  • Sonor Delite Slotted Bass Drum Tension Rod, 109mm Length, Used Once, Perfect Condition ~ £9.99 (Suitable for pre 2007 Delite Bass Drums)
  • Sonor Drumbassadors 20" Bass Drum Head (Has Drumbassadors, Sonor + Rene Creemers Logos) Excellent Condition ~ £17.99
  • Sonor Drumbassadors 20" Bass Drum Head (Has Drumbassadors, Sonor + Wim de Vries Logos) Excellent Condition ~ £17.99
  • Sonor Giant Step Double Pedal GDPR 3 (Studio Use Only) Includes Bag, Original Box + All Parts, Excellent Condition ~ £499.99
  • Sonor Tom Arm or Bass Drum Leg Memory Lock Used Once, Perfect Condition ~ £5.99 (Suitable for Sonor 2005, 2007, 3005, 3007, Essential, Select & Jungle Kits)
  • Sonor Phonic Tom Arm, Part Z5508c (with Memory Lock), Very Good Condition ~ £39.99 (This is the part that goes into the Prism at the top of the Tom Post)
  • Sonor Phonic Foot could be Bass Drum or Cymbal Stand, Excellent as New Condition ~ £8.99
  • Sonor Phonic 155501 Set of Hi Hat Springs Still Sealed With Original Lubrication, OK Condition ~ £9.99 
  • Sonor Phonic 801019 Slotted Head Screw, ¼ x 35mm Long, Excellent Condition ~ £9.99
  • Sonor Phonic 802043 Slotted Head Screw, M6 40mm Long, Very Good Condition ~ £9.99
  • Sonor Phonic 802274 Butterfly Screw M6, 30mm Long, Good Condition ~ £9.99 
  • Sonor Phonic 802284 Butterfly Screw M6, 35mm Long, Good Condition ~ £9.99
  • Sonor Phonic 843274 Knurled Nut M8 For Sonor Phonic Stands, Used Once, Perfect Condition ~ £8.99 
  • Sonor Phonic 843424 Knurled Nut M6 For Z 5321 & Z 5322 Sonor Phonic Bass Drum Pedal OK Condition ~ £9.99 
  • Sonor Phonic 843484 Knurled Nut M10 For Sonor Phonic Bass Drum, Good Condition ~ £9.99 
  • Sonor Phonic 848124 Knurled Screw with Tip M6 x 30mm For Z 5317 Sonor Phonic Bass Drum Pedal, Excellent Condition ~ £9.99
  • Sonor Signature Bass Drum Post memory Lock, Part 75604369 28mm Fix Clamp complete with Hex Nut, Washer & Slotted Screw ~ £19.99 (See Photo Below)
  • Tama 7082P Cymbal Mate (Wing Screw Style) Taiwan Quality (Not Chinese) New still in the Tama Packaging ~ £4.99
  • Tama DH7 Iron Cobra Hammer Style Drum Key, Drum Key At One End/Allen Key At Opposite End, New still in the Tama Packaging ~ £9.99
  • Tama HP9-6 Speedo Ring, New still in the Tama Packaging ~ £9.99 (Please note that this is the Tama HP9-6 and not the Tama HP9-6N)
  • Tama ML28, Memory Lock, New still in the Tama Packaging ~ £9.99
  • Tama MS612SH, Short Tension Rod, Suitable for Iron Cobra Pedals, New still in the Tama Packaging ~ £2.99 
  • Tama External Muffler, Clips onto Snare or Tom (Better action than an Internal Muffler), Very Good Condition ~ £4.99
  • Tama HC62R Straight Cymbal Stand, Very Good Condition ~ £39.99
  • Tama LLT Rod, Good Condition ~ £7.99
  • Yamaha 5000 Tom Post Memory Lock, Good Condition ~ £8.99 (Memory Lock Only)
  • Yamaha Cable Hi-Hat, Very Good Condition £189.99

Please email julian@ecymbals.co.uk for more information on any item listed on this page.